Bending & Rolling Work

Mandrel Bending

The Steelworks has pneumatic, electric NC and hydraulic NC benders that allow compression as well as mandrel bending. All machines are capable of one off and production bending and carry a large range of special profile and tube former s (round, square and elliptical). The Steelworks also has the capability to produce special formers to request. We have production capabilities from 9.5mm up to 76.2mm (or 3” inch). 

We have been using Steelworks for well over 10 years now. We have found them excellent to deal with and very consistent in returning accurate well done work. Due to Steelworks consistent accuracy we have been able to remove an entire process from our finishing process. The team there are great, knowledgeable and very flexible in meeting the sometimes unreasonable time requirements we have to work with.

Grant MacDuff
Managing Director | Chains Ropes and Anchors

Steel Tube Sectional Rolling

Electric / hydraulic with NC controller the sectional roller gives high quality and consistent, accurate bends. This machine allows us to roll tube, pipe, flats, angles and aluminium profiles from large radii down to tight circles with minimal wastage. We have production capabilities from 9.5mm up to 63.5mm.

For the last three years I have had pipe bending done at The Steelworks and they are lovely to deal with. No mistakes and a top job. They are the best.

Stuart Davidson 
Quadbar NZ